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I have recently changed back to naturtint, after a year at the hairdressers having my roots done.
So glad I did, my hair is so healthy looking, and I love the colour, 6N, dark blonde, a fraction of the price of the hairdressers and the hair dye is so easy to use,
Love this product.

Sandra Hopkinson, by email

Just want to say how superb your Naturtint hair colours are. I have used many brands over the years but only discovered yours in Waitrose here last year. Since then used no others. Colours are great, not at all brassy, covers grey excellently and lasts much longer than other brands. Is also ammonia free and user/nature friendly. Thank you!

Jenny, by email

Amazing hair dye. I bought Golden Brown after gradually losing hair since using other, cheaper chemically products! I have dyed my hair on and off for 40 years and the condition is fantastic now. It seemed to thicken my hair after just one use. I’ll be buying the recommended shampoo and conditioner now. Thank you!

Caroline James, by email

Endless thanks. Best hair dye ever and customer service second to none.

Anon, by email

I just had to let you know how impressed I am with your permanent hair colour, my hair was frazzled by bleach and chemist hair colour, I was going to short to get rid of the really badly damaged parts but I saw your product on Amazon and went for it as I had nothing to lose, bearing in mind I’ve only used it once I’m so happy I did!

My hair is so shiny, thanks for a great product

Linda Harris, by email

I have been using your hair dye for years now. At 71 years of age – I am not ready to go completely grey!! I am also staunch vegetarian and have been for 40 years!! Please do not stop making this wonderful product – I shall be lost without it – especially the colour I use. I get lots of people (hopefully potential customers) asking about my hair so you get lots of recommendations. Keep up the good work and thank you.

Alison M, by email

My hair was in very bad condition, broken ends very thin and weak and it would not grow – due to years of straightening and extensions! My hair also fell out after having my baby which was 4 years ago. A year after I began using Naturtint after coming across a review by another customer, I was desperate to get my hair looking and feeling healthy but nothing I was using made a difference. I have been using Naturtint now for just over three years. My hair is a lot stronger and thicker, has grown a lot and people now comment on how nice my hair is. It feels so much healthier. This is all down to this amazing product, I have used the the green CC cream and the green shampoo, conditioner and hair mask religiously (hair mask used once a week at first then went to once a month) however recently I went away and ran out- never again! I used another shampoo and my hair was really bad after a couple of days very brittle and knotty I could not get my brush through it, I was upset with myself and immediately ordered my usually hair care products and my hair is so nice again. Please do not stop making these amazing products. Naturtint needs to be more recognised and appreciated! I have come across other women who experience the same hair problems and I always recommend Naturtint!!!


So, i had 1cm dark roots (dark brown), 1-2 inches of brassy colour from previous dye (other brand) and highlights covered in more bleach and grey dye. A complete mess. I did my roots for 25min with 7N and 10-15 again in roots and the rest. Followed by the three other steps and voilà! If this isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is! The colour is identical and you cannot tell this is not my natural hair. Over the moon!


Having tried numerous other brands at lots of different price points, I was able to find a Naturint shade that looked very, very natural on me – harder than you would think. I needed a mousey, honey light brown with natural-looking variations in tone and I found it in “dark ash blonde” (which is a totally incorrect name by the way!). I’m also thrilled that this product doesn’t contain ammonia and that the company use a lot of natural ingredients. The mail order service is quick, the value for money is great, you are very generous with the free samples too. As a result, I have bought your anti-aging CC cream too and use it all the time too. It does everything a leave-in conditioner should. Non-greasy, it smells great and genuinely gives my fine, flyaway hair shine and body, makes de-tangling easier and goes some way to combat the damage done by blow-drying.

Anon, Naturtint Permanent survey respondent

I’ve used it for more years than I can remember. My hairdresser wanted to know what I use as the colour looks so natural and the condition good. I only touch up the roots and the colour doesn’t fade on the lengths despite having fairly long hair.

Jo S, Naturtint Permanent survey respondent

I love that I can mix colours to achieve the exact colour I want. The colour looks so natural since it is not a ‘solid’ colour but has shades in it. My hair is shinier, softer and thicker when I use Naturtint. Get lots of compliments! I’m 70 and feel confident that my hair doesn’t look old. I often mix just what I need to treat my roots so that it works out very economical.

Liz K, Naturtint Permanent survey respondent

Hi there, this will be my second purchase of your hair dye. I think I bought the other one through Amazon. I tried l’oreal excellence in between and your product is so much nicer. I loved the colour and my hair looked so much nicer. Thank you, Niki

Niki H, by email

I love your products and I have found the Semi permanent colour to be the most natural, kind to the hair and effective of all similar products on the market. It is also cost effective as I can use a tube 3 times, not like many colourants that once mixed have to be used immediately and any remaining is totally wasted. Well done. I am very happy with your product.

Sally, by email

I have never written a review in my life but couldn’t not after using your hair dye for the first time today. I was confused as to why it was the only brand on offer at my local Waitrose and now I know why. I have tried every brand imaginable and not one can close to covering my stubborn greys. I was understandably sceptical about another box dye but had no choice as my hair was a mixture of brassy blonde, dark brown and grey, 3 weeks after an expensive trip to the hairdresser, and I was loathe to spend more going again. I was blown away when I got out of the shower – I could see immediately that every single grey had gone, including at my temples which is unheard of, and the colour after drying is stunning. I just wish I had taken a before photo so your customers can see how incredible it is. This is the only hair dye I will ever need and do not intend to go to the hairdresser for my colour ever again!

Jennifer, by email

 Thanks, I love the dark blonde root colour. I create a root smudge look which I’m pleased with.

Julie, by email

So far I am very happy with the condition of my hair. Love the colour. I had an issue with ordering recently and I rang Naturtint they were great sorted my issue out and I have received my colour. Have a few samples to try and actually looking forward to trying them.

Anon, by email

Hello just wanted to let you know that I chose 7c and it’s amazing! I’m very impressed!

Hayley, by email

Thank you Naturtint for giving me my life back! I had my hair professionally bleached a week ago as I had wanted to go silver white, like my 2 inch natural roots. However my hair the following day looked bright yellow with white roots! I tried to correct it at home, and ended up with lilac roots and white ends! I had to then use a colour remover to go back to bleach yellow. I can honestly say this has been the worse week ever. After much research, I very nervously decided to try naturtint and purchased 2 colours. After doing strand tests I decided on wheatgerm blonde 8N. This has given me an even ashy beige tone that I really love! I can go out again lol, and I can’t thank you enough. I would definitely recommend.. I even have my curls back : )

Vivienne, Review Submission Form

I wish all customer service departments were as good as Nature’s Dream!

R Robins-Dixon, by email

I have used Naturtint for 3yrs, everyone comments on the lovely shine & colour of my hair!

C Probert, 8A user

It left my hair in lovely condition, glowing with rich colour & the best shine it’s had in years!

F Peacock, Isle of Wight

Used for first time & it is so good! Happy customer!

Tina, by email

The new 6A colour is an excellent colour match, plus the new 4 stage formula left hair with a really nice texture.

MJD, by email

Recently discovered Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours – thoroughly pleased with the result.

Josee-Marie, by email

I’ve been allergic to salon and home-use hair colourants since my forties and had resigned myself to going grey – until I read about Natures Dream products in a magazine. I have used Naturtint Reflex non–permanent colour rinse for years now and wouldn’t be without it. The whole process takes less than an hour and doubles as a deep conditioning mask. And because it’s so mild I can use it as often as I like.

Marilyn Chapman, by email

I had dry, damaged ends from salon over bleaching & no treatments, conditioners or serums helped until I found Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream.

Sarah-Jane, by email

I am so pleased with Naturtint – it is the easiest home care product I have used plus it gives a great result! In addition it contains no unnecessary nasties that other permanent hair colours contain.

J Forbes, by email

I thought I’d get in touch to tell you how over the moon I am with your hair dye! I am very conscious of what products I use on myself and was delighted to come across your hair dye free of all the nasties. I will definitely be using this product again and will be recommending it to everyone I know!

Lucy Wheeler, by email

I have been a convert to Naturtint for maybe fifteen or more years and the condition of my hair is as good now as it was when I first started to use the product.  What I love is that I can easily disguise my roots as they come through with just a few teaspoons of colour mixed rather than using the entire carton.  So long as it isn’t mixed as a whole it will keep nicely with the caps replaced on both the colour and the mixer bottles.  Also I sometimes experiment by mixing together two colour shades, not necessarily the full amount from each but perhaps a 15 to 3 ratio.  Again because the remainder does not have to be thrown away as with many other colourants on the high street.  The conditioner and anti-aging creams are an added bonus and feel quite luxurious although I don’t always use the entire sachet of the anti-aging cream as it can be a little heavy because it is left in and not rinsed off.  I keep the remainder and just make sure it is well sealed for next time.  Lastly, it is good to know that there are not any nasties in the product so for me it ticks all the boxes.

Dawn Brooker, by email

I have used red hair dye for about 5 years now. I always had problems with my scalp, not burning during the hair colouring process but afterwards for weeks, just dry scratchy flakey scalp. It was mentioned to me by a friend that it could be some of the chemicals in the store bought standard main brands, so I went on a hunt for less chemically ones. I found and bought my first box about a year ago and haven’t looked back since. It doesn’t itch my scalp whoohoo, I loved the shampoo and conditioner so much I now use those too. My hair feels amazing after I have dyed it, and it lasts for ages. I only redye most times because my roots start showing, so I use 1/4 of a box for that, having mixed the two parts in a plastic tub and keeping the rest of the two mixtures in their original containers, then next time I do a full head dye. It is fab, cannot recommend it highly enough. Mousey drab dark brown and grey to stunning deep red. YES!

Anon, by email. 6.66 Fireland user

My good lady had problems dying her hair. A friend told her about these products. So I ordered her some. She used it and was extremely impressed. I had a totally depressed woman on my hands. I now have a very happy little lady. As a male I would rate your product 10/10.

R. Davidson, by email

So love Naturtint Permanent Hair colour. I have fine hair and with other makes of Permanent Hair Colour my hair suffered with split ends. Since using Naturtint I am able to have my hair longer, it’s great and my hair is in very good condition  … thank you

J. Hardwick, by email

I am new to using these products and absolutely love them. I ordered because I don’t want to keep using chemicals on myself and very pleased with the result. I will be buying again and thanks to the other feedback customer’s as I have picked up some great tips.

Carolyn Bellers, by email

I love Naturtint hair colouring. I have thin, oily, dark brown hair with lots of grey roots.Naturtint saved my hair, after 20 years of using the hair dyes, shampoos and conditioners, my hair are nourished,full of body,beautifully coloured and happy to continue use Naturtint for the rest of my life. My kids love the cleaning hair products too. Thank you Naturtint! xxx

P. Samara, by email

I am delighted with my colour. It is fabulous, the Root Retouch Créme was perfect, easy to use and instruction leaflet was so helpful. My colouring kit was really well packed and put to good use.
Thank you so much for your professional products and quick delivery. I shall certainly use your products again and the fact it was so environmentally friendly, I can’t thank you enough and will share your website across all my social media streams for my followers & friends.

S. McKenzie, by email

A huge thank you – order arrived within 2 days of your posting it. AND it is the best hair dye with the best colour for me, that I have EVER found – in 45 years of searching.

C. Long, by email

I first found Naturtint in Waitrose. I now order it directly and I am just so thrilled that I’ve found such a great product. The colours are brilliant and the CC Cream is just the best for my thick, curly hair.

K.Smith, by email

thank you , I love the colour and it is in time for my birthday .. so feel like a new woman .. really happy with the product…wishing you much success with your business, stay safe

KM, by email

I recently used your Naturtint hair colour for the first time, and am very pleased with it.  I was particularly pleased with the Anti-aging CC cream as it put body back in my hair that I thought I’d lost for ever.  So, I was very pleased to see that you sell it separately.

RS, by email

Just thought I would drop you a line to say what big a difference Naturtint Hair Colour has made to my hair.

The last 3 years I have been taking Anastrazole tablets to help stop breast cancer returning …..these hormone tablets have played havoc with my hair making it very dry and brittle. My sister recommended I give these a try so I bought 3N and 4N…did a little mixing…coloured my hair and used the Naturtint colour shampoo and conditioner with the jewel in the crown being the CC cream.

My hair now has the most beautiful shine and condition and it looks and feels amazing !

Beautiful products.

J.Nuttall, by email

Just to say how pleased I am with this home hair colour.Always Used to go to hairdressers for colour but never seemed to get the colour and condition I wanted.Decided to do it myself in lockdown and the colour (golden blonde)is just right and the condition of my hair is brilliant.Thanks to Naturtint.

J. Bushell, by email

I would like to say that I have only just discovered your products and have been very pleased with them. The hair dye particularly was very easy to use with no mess and has really good coverage. Actually might not need to get my hair coloured at the hairdressers again!

LD, by email

Naturtint, I love your permanent hairdyes.  They are really excellent.  I no longer go to the hairdresser. Thank you

Fiona, by email

Can’t believe I found a hair colour that’s both gentle and looks great. I’ve been colouring my hair for many years but have recently struggled finding my grey getting more and more resident and box dyes very damaging for mature hair.

Now I can save money and time by not having to visit the salon which I thought was my only option left. I used light chocolate chestnut and love it. My hair feels so conditioned and all grey gone. I really didn’t think a hair colour could achieve this without all the nasty damaging chemicals.

I found this colour quite by accident and , wish I’d found it years ago .So the only thing I would say is maybe you shout out about it like  the more well known brands do on tv etc. Please keep doing what you do!! I will highly recommend Naturtint to everyone I know.

Cindy, by email


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