Get the Christmas party look, in just five minutes!

December 3 2018 by:

You know how it is, you’ve got all the best intentions to leave work early so you have time to relax and fully-prep before the Christmas party. And then your boss calls an urgent team meeting and you just know that means you’ll leave with just five minutes to get ready!

Well, relax.  We’ve teamed up with the fabulous team of stylists at New Image Hair Salon in Burton-on-Trent to create a series of party styles you can do yourself, or with a friend’s help.

The first one is a simple but stunning updo which is perfect for anyone with long hair.

First of all, give your hair a volume boost with a dry shampoo – Naturtint has the perfect sized one to fit in your handbag, which is pump-action so it’s good for the environment, as well as your hair. And, for the month of December, we’re offering £3 off all Naturtint Aftercare & Styling, so what’s not to love?

Simply apply to your roots and then gently (and we mean gently) back-comb it a little to add some body at the roots and then divide it into two sections.

Plait each half, fixing them with an invisible hair band.

Pull the individual plaits to create more fullness and then ask your friend to simply pin them up.

Matt, our stylist, said he likes to pin the first plait under the second one and then fix the second plait over the top, as you can see in the video, but to be honest it doesn’t matter which way you do it!

Then fix any loose bits with a couple of bobby pins and keep it firmly in place with Naturtint’s Hairspray.

Then pour yourself a wine, and enjoy the night!

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