Myth: Brush your hair 100 times every night for silky locks

January 17 2019 by:

Myth Busted!

Although it’s something our grandmother might have told us when we were kids, we can confirm it’s really not a good idea to brush your hair this often!

It can be very damaging, especially for longer hair.

As hair grows, it naturally becomes drier and more fragile. Over-enthusiastic or too-frequent brushing causes it to split and break.

This is because, as your brush passes over your hair, the bristles bend and pull, which in turn increase the pressure on your strands.

It’s better to use a good quality wide-tooth comb which is kinder to the hair.

And remember, always start at the BOTTOM of your hair and slowly work upwards as you release any tangles. This helps to stop your hair knotting too.

So, there you have it! Comb, don’t brush and only as much as you need to release and knots or tangles!

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