Last month’s ‘Colour of the Month’ certainly launched us into Autumn with it’s rich red tones, but those vibrant, jewel colours are not necessarily for everybody, so this month we’re taking a closer look at a more subtle, but still autumnal shade – the 6GA Deep Almond Brown.

What kind of colour is it?

As the name ‘Deep Almond Brown’ suggests, the 6GA is an intense shade that works with the wearers own natural highlights and lowlights. Launched this February along with the three other ‘Deep’ shades, the colour has lots of golden tones similar to those in the 6G Dark Golden Blonde, but the addition of a ‘splash of ash’ counters the warm gold to create a more tan or ‘almond’ gold.

As with any hair colour, the final colour result will always depend on the colour of the hair to which it is applied (the thickness and overall condition too), so a colour strand test before use is the best way to demonstrate the exact shade result. If you’re not sure how to carry out a Colour Strand Test, take a look at our ‘Allergy & Safety Advice’ page for guidance on how to complete this test, as well as the Skin Sensitivity Test, which must always be carried out before each and every use.

Can anybody wear this colour?

Being a 6, the Deep Almond Brown is just one shade lighter than our mid-range colours such as 5N and 5G, so broadly speaking, if you are any shade lighter than a 4 (take a look at the 4N Natural Chestnut for reference) the colour would be suitable for you to use. Like many mid-light brown tones, the colour is flattering for most skin tones and if you like the thought of some warmer tones but don’t want a very gold brown or blond, the blend of warm and cool tones in the 6GA might be the colour you are looking for.

If you are naturally fair and the 6GA has inspired you to go a little darker for Autumn, creep and go until you get down to a colour you are happy with – it’s much easier to go darker in stages than it is to try and correct a colour that has gone too dark on the first attempt!  

How do I style it?

However you like, but according to Glamour magazine, layered and bouncy bobs are en vogue this Autumn and any style with movement and texture is great for a colour like 6GA, as it helps to show off the multi-tonal shade! Lash-skimming fringes are also set to be de rigueur this season, so add a smoky eye with tones of bronze and brown, and your new night-out look is complete!  

How do I care for it?

Particularly with the rich, intense tones of our 4 new ‘Deep’ shades, you want to try and keep the colour looking as vibrant and bright as the day you applied it, so we recommend treating your hair to an intensive treatment once a week or once a fortnight, depending on how often you wash your hair and your hair type – dry hair types can benefit from deep treatments more regularly than say, fine hair types that can get weighed down by too much product.

In the Naturtint Hair Food range the Quinoa Colour & Shine Mask is the same one you’ll find in every box of Permanent Hair Colour, which we know lots of our customers love. Formulated with 99% naturally derived ingredients and enriched with Quinoa, a complete protein containing all essential amino acids, that intensifies and prolongs hair colour, whilst also boosting shine. Alongside Quinoa, Milk Thistle is used as a natural silicone substitute to leave hair silky, shiny and more manageable, whilst Shea Butter helps hair retain vital moisture and reduce breakage.