As we age, our bodies gradually produce less melatonin, which in time turns our natural hair colour to grey – the most familiar sign of hair ageing, but not the only sign. We also often see the condition of our hair deteriorate too, because over time our bodies produce less keratin meaning hair becomes thinner and lacks volume. Keratin is an important ‘building’ component of the hair so as the level of this reduces, hair can become fine, dull and weak.

Add to this, more years exposed to potential damage from UV radiation, aggressive cosmetics and hair styling, and our hair can really start to show the signs of ageing.

Naturtint Cream not only hides the greys, but it tackles these other signs of hair ageing too, using Age Control Technology to re-strengthen and rejuvenate hair. Meadowfoam, Abyssinian and Argan oils contain a high content of linoleic acid and natural Vitamin E which are able to penetrate into the core of the hair, to revolumise, restrengthen and restore vitality.