Save £5.50 – Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel and Anti-Ageing CC Cream


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Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream - 200ml

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel

Save £5.50 when you buy a Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel and Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream as a bundle.

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Naturtint chooses only the highest quality, purest ingredients. Our formulations contain very high levels of natural ingredients, including natural and organic plant and seed oil and extracts, each one carefully chosen for their proven hair and scalp enhancing benefits. These work alongside the essential, but small number of, chemical ingredients including hydrogen peroxide and PPD, required to deliver the best possible permanent hair colour results and finish.

With 30 shades ranging from Ebony Black to Light Dawn Blonde, Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours provide everything you need to colour, nourish, repair, strengthen, protect and care for your hair in one complete hair colouring treatment!

The Naturtint Aftercare & Styling range, enriched with organic plant and seed oils and extracts, has been specifically designed to help maintain the healthy condition of your hair, giving it illuminating shine and promoting a long lasting colour that does not fade. Care for your colour every time you wash!


Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream - 200ml

A leave-in intensive anti-ageing and restorative treatment. Formulated with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts, Naturtint’s Anti-Ageing CC Cream helps to combat the main signs of hair ageing and protect your hair from damage, heat, UV and pollution.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel

Permanent Hair Colour with 100% grey coverage from the very first application, in a quick and easy to use, non-drip gel formula available in 30 blendable shades. 92% naturally derived ingredients including plant and seed oils and extracts carefully chosen for their proven hair and scalp enhancing benefits. No ammonia, vegan friendly.

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Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Gel

Colour Collections

3NV | Deep Radiant Red, 4NC | Deep Cappuccino Brown, 5GC | Deep Cinnamon Chestnut, 6GA | Deep Almond Brown, 2WN | Radiant Nature Brown-Black, 3WN | Radiant Nature Dark Brown, 4W | Radiant Dark Brown, 4WN | Radiant Nature Brown Glamour, 5W | Radiant Medium Brown, 5WB | Radiant Copper Brown, 6WG | Radiant Golden Dark Blonde, 10A | Light Ash Blonde, 2.1 | Blue Black, 6A | Dark Ash Blonde, 8A | Ash Blonde, Silver, 6.66 | Fireland, 5.7 | Light Chocolate Chestnut, 6.7 | Dark Chocolate Blonde, 7.7 | Teide Brown, 5C | Light Copper Chestnut, 7.46 | Arizona Copper, 7C | Terracotta Blonde, 8C | Copper Blonde, 4G | Golden Chestnut, 5G | Light Golden Chestnut, 6G | Dark Golden Blonde, 7G | Golden Blonde, 8G | Sandy Golden Blonde, 4M | Mahogany Chestnut, 5M | Light Mahogany Chestnut, 5R | Fire Red, 1N | Ebony black, 2N | Brown Black, 3N | Dark Chestnut Brown, 4N | Natural Chestnut, 5N | Light Chestnut Brown, 6N | Dark Blonde, 7N | Hazelnut Blonde, 8N | Wheat Germ Blonde, 9N | Honey Blonde, 10N | Light Dawn Blonde


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Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream Ingredients:


*Ingredients from Organic Farming.

Naturtint Permanent Hair Colour Ingredients: Please go to the individual product page.

Please note - the Naturtint product range and formulations are subject to change any time. Please refer to product label on physical product packaging for final ingredient confirmation.


Naturtint’s formulations are extremely simple to apply. The thick, creamy texture spreads easily and clings to the hair, ensuring an even colour result. In just 40 minutes, in the comfort of your own home, you can achieve natural and radiant looking colour with 100% grey coverage. *Full application instructions are found in every box and should be read carefully before use, paying particular attention to the specific cautions and preliminary test information.*

Contains phenylenediamines and hydrogen peroxide. A skin test should always be carried out 48 hours before the use of any hair dye, even if you have used it before. If you experience any reaction to the test, you should not use the product. We strongly recommend carrying out a strand test at the same time, to assess the selected tone and determine how long the colour needs to develop, for example to cover grey successfully. *For instructions on how to carry out a Skin Sensitivity/Allergy Alert Test and Colour Strand Test, please refer to the instructions enclosed in your box.*

P.S. Looking for your gloves? You’ll find them attached to the instruction leaflet in each pack – we’ve done this to reduce the amount of plastic we use!


HAIR COLOURANTS CAN CAUSE SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTIONS Read and follow instructions. This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16. Temporary “black henna” tattoos may increase your risk of allergy. Do not colour your hair if: – You have a rash on your face or sensitive, irritated and damaged scalp, – You have ever experienced any reaction after colouring your hair, – You have experienced a reaction to a temporary “black henna” tattoo in the past.

Contains phenylenediamines and hydrogen peroxide. Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with them. Wear suitable gloves. The proportion for mixing colourant and colour developer must always be 1:1. Rinse hair well after application. A sensitivity test should be performed each time and before using the product. Store between 10°c and 27°c. Read the instruction leaflet inside the box carefully.